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The Trevi Group is the leading online marketing and customer survey solutions company  in the industry. 
We are passionate about marketing and communication through online and web marketing methods, strategies and technology that are measurable and trackable.  We focus on providing our clients with cost effective and efficient methods to promote and market your organization’s product and services to your clients or members. This helps increase your client base by expanding your product and services to new people and areas.
Our services will advance communication, branding and marketing exposure, frequency, sales,  and your customer base.    You can measure customer satisfaction by receiving immediate and unbiased feedback and perceptions from your customer using our easy to use Customer Service Program.  
The Trevi Group members include:
Trevi Group eMail Marketing Solutions
Customer Survey Solutions measuring external and internal satisfaction
Web Marketing Solutions including ConnectWithCharlotte.com
By implementing our services, we are confident that The Trevi Group will be instrumental in delivering your company’s vision and goals to everyone. We look forward to the
opportunity of partnering with you.

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